Lilly Ledbetter, Barack Obama and the famous ‘anonymous note’

The Washington Post quotes CEI`s Hans Bader on the misleading statement by the president on the Lilly Ledbetter Act:

Hans Bader, an attorney at the right-leaning Competitive Enterprise Institute, wrote to The Fact Checker questioning this statement by the president. He said it was misleading because “Ledbetter admitted in her deposition that she knew of the pay disparity years earlier, and the Supreme Court specifically said in footnote 10 of its decision that the result might have been different under the ‘discovery rule’ if she hadn’t learned of it in time to sue.”

Bader further expanded on his case in a blog post. He had written often about this issue, including in a letter to The Washington Post.

Bader has been passionate on this issue for some time, complaining back in 2009 about distorted news coverage of the Ledbetter case. We always appreciate tips from readers, and in this case the research into the matter has been interesting and enlightening. But here, we are going to forgo a Pinocchio ruling.