List: 30 Regulations that Stymied Trump’s Virus Response

The Washington Examiner cites CEI’s latest report on #NeverNeeded regulations:

“Many regulations have proven to hinder or delay appropriate policy responses. Other regulations are or were making things worse than they otherwise would be. In many cases, it is now clear that these regulations were never needed, or that whatever justification they once had has been superseded,” said a new report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute shared with Secrets.

In listing regulations tying the government’s hands, the group has started a new “#NeverNeeded” campaign to kill off rules blocking the administration’s effort to slow the spread of the virus.

The 13-page report “identifies #NeverNeeded regulations lawmakers should get rid of so the private sector can do what it does best – provide people with the goods and services they need now more than ever,” said the influential group that regularly draws attention to problem regulations.

It also urges Congress and Trump to move faster on his successful effort so far to kill two old regulations for every new one implemented, and calls for a commission — similar to the base closing commission — to target and eliminate problem rules.

The report, shown below, cites at least 30 of the biggest hurdles, key among them Food and Drug Administration demands for years of testing on promising drugs. The president, for example, has touted hydroxychloroquine in the coronavirus fight, but it hasn’t been approved yet by the FDA for anti-virus use.

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