Lots of Presidents Talked About Getting Rid of Bad Regulations – Trump Is Actually Doing It

Investor’s Business Daily cited the Competitive Enterprise Institute on the major role in which the Trump administration is playing in deregulating the federal government. 

Regulation: Getting rid of unneeded regulations may be the single-most effective spur to economic growth that’s available to the federal government. Thankfully, unlike most recent presidents, President Trump is taking the job of cutting bad regulations seriously.

That can be evidenced by the special “Deregulation Day” that Trump declared for his “cut the red tape” event on Monday. Hey, if you didn’t know it was Deregulation Day, you’re not alone.

Still, the president seems to be pushing a minor revolution of sorts, as he repeals all sorts of rules that once impeded the economy. And he’s not done yet. The Competitive Enterprise Institute claimed “Trump ends fiscal year as America’s least-regulatory president since Reagan.”

It’s no exaggeration. As the CEI has noted, Trump froze regulations early in his term and argued that up to 70% of regulations were simply unnecessary. He set a tone, and he’s lived up to it. Consider this: The Federal Register, the bible of federal rules, peaked at record high 97,110 pages under President Obama in 2016. Today, under President Trump, it stands at 45,678 pages.

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