Manmade Pollutants Now Blamed for Global Cooling

OneNewsNow discusses a change in the rhetoric surrounding manmade pollutants with Chris Horner.

The same “climate change” scientists and activists who have claimed for more than three decades that pollutants were driving the planet toward a “global warming” cataclysm are now arguing that human activity is driving the Earth toward artificially cool temperatures.

These environmental alarmists who have driven the multi-billion-dollar climate change agenda throughout the globe – one that is pushed by the United Nations and adopted by numerous member nations – have shifted gears into reverse and currently claim that cleaning up Earth’s atmosphere will result in driving temperatures up.

The flaws behind this revised climate change narrative was brought to light by Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Christopher C. Horner, who served with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the landing team for then-President-elect Donald Trump during the time between his election and inauguration.

“To put it gently, it is a more recent – if recycled – way of trying to explain how their lurid climate projections have not come to pass,” Horner explained to WND. “They’re now saying, ‘My models, which I said were OK, on which we were supposed to base economic policy … were actually wrong.’ That’s what they’re saying here. They’re just saying, ‘My models are wrong and this is my excuse.”

The new semantics were carefully tailored to hide or excuse the fact that climate change scientists’ forecasted sweltering temperatures ended up being a no-show.

“All of the claimed warming has failed to arrive,” Horner pointed out, noting that so-called climate experts are now blaming human-generated pollutants as the cause behind all extreme weather phenomena – which they say is unnatural … and an indication of impending out-of-control catastrophic climate change. “There seems to have been a several-decade plateau. Yes, we have El Niño and La Niña years, but the projected warming hasn’t occurred.”

Natural weather cycles that the Earth has undergone for millennia due to the sun’s activity and other natural factors are frequently attributed to manmade pollutants – in order to move climate change alarmists’ lucrative green agenda forward … and the mainstream media is always happy to oblige.

“In just 2014, the New York Times wrote ‘The End of Snow’ – they do this every mild winter,” Horner added. “Then severe winter returns with a vengeance and a great sense of humor, and they write ‘More Snow in a Warming World, the Science Is Clear.’ That’s an actual headline – just a year after writing ‘No Snow in A Warming World, the Science is Settled.’”

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