Michigan Senate & Governor’s Races

Patch Media cited CEI’s score of Senator Stabenow.  

Stabenow will receive $159,400 per year from her 22 years in Congress ($174,000 annual salary) and 15 years in the state legislature, including $30,000 in Social Security. Most people in private industry, salaried and hourly, would be happy to trade retirement plans, especially the working class and middle income families Democrats claim to represent. Most of us earn far less. Some politicians harp on income inequality while supporting policies like NAFTA and other trade agreements that encourage companies to outsource overseas.

Stabenow has received zero scores from free-market groups: 0% from Competitive Enterprise InstituteAmerican Conservative UnionAmericans for Prosperityand high scores from fiscally liberal groups (92% from Progressive Punch and 91% from NETWORK, a Catholic social justice lobby).

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