Midnight in the garden of good intentions: Small biz fears end-of-administration regulations

Watchdog.org reports on CEI's work to track federal regulations and speaks with Marlo Lewis on the regulatory burden. 

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, which has been tracking federal regulations for more than 30 years, says federal agencies enacted 192 “economically significant” rules since May 1 — that is, rules estimated to cost at least $100 million per year. And at least 16 more are still in the hopper with December and two-thirds of January yet to go, “ranging from food labeling to school lunches to refrigerators.”

But with a $4 trillion U.S. regulatory burden equal to the fourth largest economy on earth, CEI says beefing up the CRA is critical. The update would allow Congress to vote on multiple regulations at a time, which CEI says is vital because more than 1,000 regulations will be CRA-eligible in the next Congress, including any regulation finalized since late May. “And President Obama will not be in office to stop them,” said CEI’s Marlo Lewis, Jr.

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