Move Reflect Shift In Presidents Tone

The Wall Street Journal discusses regulations and executive orders with Wayne Crews. 

He didn't disavow the Dodd-Frank Act nor his new health-care law, both of which increase government's role in the economy. He didn't instruct the Environmental Protection Agency to cease efforts to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by regulation nor exhort the Federal Communications Commission to abandon its "net neutrality" quest. He didn't promise to hold off on any of the 224 major rules that the free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute says are in the pipeline, up from 184 last year.

All this turns on whether Mr. Obama and his appointees act on his words. "An executive order is like a CEO memo to employees," said Wayne Crews of the Competitive Enterprise Institute. "To the extent the employees don't follow through, they feel the wrath of the CEO—to the extent he experiences any wrath."

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