Navajo Nation In Crisis As EPA Tries To Shutter The West’s Largest Coal Plant

The Daily Caller discusses the impacts of the EPA's Regional Haze rule with William Yeatman. 

William Yeatman, a research fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute who has studied the issue closely, believes the EPA’s Regional Haze rule to enhance visibility is questionable at best. He has conducted simulations that reveal reducing nitrogen oxide emissions makes no perceptible difference in terms of visibility. Yeatman, an air quality expert, has testified before Congress as recently as this year regarding his research.

“The EPA can’t point to an effect that implementing this rule will have on visibility, because if you look at the data, the impact on visibility they claim is invisible,” he said.

“Since 2009, the EPA it appears has been imposing the most expensive controls from SCR to baghouses on coal-fired power plants,” he said. “It is my personal opinion this is being done regardless of what makes sense for the facility in question. These new policies in my opinion are more about making coal energy more expensive than so-called green energy.”

Yeatman points out these new regulations could result in a significant increase in water and electricity prices for those who rely on the Navajo Generating Station.

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