New push to vet regulations, cut $15,000 ‘hidden tax’ on all households

Washington Examiner highlights Ryan Young's report on the Regulations from Executive Need of Scrutiny Act. 

The newly influential Competitive Enterprise Institute Tuesday launched a push for Congress to scrutinize costly regulations that now put a "hidden tax" of about $15,000 a year on every American household.

The group that has President-elect Trump's ear is urging passage of the stalled "Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act" that would force every regulation with a cost of $100 million or more to be vetted.

In a report out today, CEI said that Congress has ceded too much power to the White House which spits out hundreds of regulations a week. Under President Obama the issuing of new regulations has broken a record.

"Regulatory reform is one of the federal government's most pressing issues, and restoring a proper separation of powers is one of the most important planks of any reform agenda. The REINS Act, by requiring Congress to reclaim some of its legislative responsibilities from the executive branch, would partially restore this skewed balance of powers. REINS is a modest reform, which, as currently written, would require four or five extra congressional votes per month."

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