NLRB Dodging Questions On ‘Joint Employer’ Rule, Democrats Say

Bloomberg News cited CEI’s Policy Analyst Trey Kovacs on the National Labor Relations Board’s ‘Joint Employer’ Rule.

The NLRB responded to those separate queries last week by providing a list of cases that include the phrase “joint-employer” in the case files. “They have access to all the filings in all these cases [but] they seem remarkably incurious to know which of these cases involves a dispute over whether someone’s a joint employer,” a Democratic aide said.

Trey Kovacs, a labor policy analyst at the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute, told Bloomberg Law that the list of cases the NLRB provided “seems fairly responsive” to the Democratic lawmakers’ request.

“I can only imagine that the NLRB would say, ‘It’s all on our website, so you find it,’” said Kovacs, who criticized the agency for not responding more fully to his group’s Freedom of Information Act request earlier this year. “In that context, it seems like the NLRB made a good faith effort to find what they asked for.”

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