NPR’s Ombudsman Is A Drooling Moron Who Doesn’t Understand The First Amendment

 The Daily Caller quotes CEI`s Hans Bader on the NPR Ombudsman`s opinion on free speech and the Charlie Hebdo attack:

Outgoing National Public Radio ombudsman Edward Schumacher-Matos has casually suggested that he has no earthly idea about how or why the First Amendment protects speech.

In the screed, published last week, NPR’s official public advocate gushed a river of words explaining his views on the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in Paris last month. During that attack, two radical Muslim immigrants massacred 12 people over political and religious satire.

“I do not know if American courts would find much of what Charlie Hebdo does to be hate speech unprotected by the Constitution,” Schumacher-Matos explained. He then flatly stated that he hopes “most Americans” believe satire that angers lunatic Muslims is “hate speech unprotected by the Constitution.”

As Competitive Enterprise Institute attorney Hans Bader notes at, Schumacher-Matos has a shockingly shallow, stupid and unsophisticated understanding of the First Amendment and the U.S. Supreme Court’s free speech doctrine.