Obama Administration’s “Race-Based” Discipline Policies Increase School Violence

In Breitbart, Hans Bader discusses the implimentation of quotas in public school dicipline:

Hans Bader, senior attorney at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told Breitbart News the Minneapolis district was “adopting what the courts would consider to be racial quotas in discipline to help resolve an investigation by the Education Department’s federal Office for Civil Rights (OCR).”

Bader observed the inconsistency in the messages coming from OCR.

“To try to reduce unintended racial disparities, schools, encouraged by the Office for Civil Rights, are replacing suspension for violent offenders with talking circles and ‘restorative justice’ (even as they continue to suspend kids for things like toy guns),” he told Breitbart News. “As a result, school violence is increasing, and students are escaping discipline for things like threatening teachers and setting classmates’ hair on fire.”

“But ironically,” Bader added, “it’s not reducing the only disparity that matters in the eyes of the Office for Civil Rights (OCR)–the ratio of suspended blacks to whites, because cutting the overall suspension rate does nothing to the relative ratio, which is what legally defines ‘disparate impact’ under OCR rules–and it’s increasing school violence and injustice.”