Obama legacy: Most red tape, regulations ever

Washington Examiner discusses the Obama administration's published regulations with Wayne Crews. 

Team Obama crossed the 70,000-page mark this week and is on schedule to print seven of the fattest eight Federal Registers in history, according to a new analysis from the Competitive Enterprise Institute's Vice President of Policy Clyde Wayne Crews.

"Let's put this in some perspective," said Crews in the report provided to Secrets.

"The day after Columbus Day, the 70,000-page line was crossed earlier than ever, with the print edition of today's October 11, 2016 Federal Register hitting 70,318 pages," he said. "The all-time record-high Federal Register was 81,405 pages in 2010. In fact, six of the seven all-time high federal register page counts have happened under the Barack Obama administration."

CEI has projected that the 2016 total in the Federal Register will be a record-setting 89,416 pages.

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