Obama passes Bush’s number of costly regs — and has 10 months to go

The Washington Examiner quotes an analysis by Wayne Crews on Obama's annual average of regulations. 

According to CEI's Clyde Wayne Crews, Obama has averaged 148 per year, while Bush's average was 112.

Crews, vice president for policy and director of technology studies for CEI, regularly charts the biggest regulations, dubbed "economically significant" and "major." While possibly millions of rules and regulations are issued by presidents, the most economically significant are broken out by the administration and Crews puts them in through his analysis.

As president, Obama's administration has put out 570 major and 468 economically significant regulations, said Crews, citing government data including the General Accountability Office.

Over his full eight years, Bush's team produced 505 major rules and 390 economically significant ones.

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