Obama sets new record for regulations: 527 pages in 1 day

WND speaks with Wayne Crews on President Obama's record-breaking regulatory year. 

President Obama on Thursday set a record for the most pages of federal rules and regulations ever issued in a year by one president, adding 572 pages to the Federal Register, bringing his 2016 total to 81,640 pages.

And he still has weeks left to add to that figure.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, which tracks such activity, points out Obama has generated eight of the top 11 years for rules ever.

“No one knows what the future holds, but at a pace of well over 1,000 pages weekly, the Federal Register could easily top 90,000 pages this year. The simple algebra says that at the current pace we’ll add 11,190 pages over the next 44 days, to end 2016 at around 92,830 pages, CEI said.

Columnist Clyde Walter Crews at CEI wrote: “This is astonishing and should be of great concern, and intolerable, to policymakers. It is remarkable enough that the all-time record has been passed before Thanksgiving.”

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Previous presidents topped out at 79,435 for George W. Bush, 74,258 for Bill Clinton, 73,258 for Jimmy Carter, 57,973 for George Bush and 57,736 for Ronald Reagan.

“We don’t need a pen and phone, we need a meat axe,” Crews wrote.

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