Objector to $10M Target Breach Deal Fails to Sway Judge

Law360 discusses the Target data breach case with Melissa A. Holyoak.

A Minnesota federal judge held Wednesday that a $10 million deal resolving claims over Target’s 2013 data breach is “as good a settlement as any class member could hope,” concluding that an objector offered no evidence of alleged conflicts within the settlement class.

Objector Leif Olson has presented no proof of an “actual, fundamental conflict” between class members who suffered monetary losses in the breach and those who didn’t, U.S. District Judge Paul A. Magnuson determined. Under the deal, all of the consumers will receive all of the relief they’re entitled to, whether that means compensation for money lost or the knowledge that Target will better protect consumer information going forward, the judge held.

Melissa A. Holyoak of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, who represents Olson, said in a Thursday statement that the selttlement freezes out millions of people from relief.

“Although these class members had their financial data stolen, they are releasing future-damages claims against Target in exchange for nothing,” Holyoak said. “The Competitive Enterprise Institute will challenge this unfail, unlawful ruling in the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.”

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