Online Poker Ban Gains Support in U.S. Senate

The Heartlander cites CEI`s Michellen Minton on the online poker ban:

Hidden Agenda

Competitive Enterprise Institute Fellow Michelle Minton says RAWA’s true goal is to benefit the “bootleggers” running physical casinos.

“Sheldon Adelson, CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, declared in 2011 that he’d spend whatever it takes to stop the spread of online gambling,” Minton said. “He claimed his motivation was entirely about protecting vulnerable populations such as children and those with a gambling addiction, yet his own casinos proudly advertise mobile gambling that allows players to gamble on their phones from anywhere in Nevada.”

Harm Principle

Minton says the federal government should leave people alone and let them have fun doing activities that don’t harm others.

“My perspective is that the federal government does not have the right to tell Americans when and how they should spend their money online, so long as they aren’t harming another person,” Minton said. “This freedom shouldn’t be limited to only those activities some members of Congress deem worthy.

“Are people free if they don’t have the liberty to spend their money and time as they see fit?” asked Minton. “If a person values playing slots online more than the money, he or she will lose while doing so, and neither I nor anyone else should be able to prohibit them from engaging in that activity.”