Palestine is latest GOP offensive in climate change wars

The Hill discusses GOP efforts to dismantle the Paris climate agreement with Myron Ebell. 

Myron Ebell, who leads the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), said the GOP’s efforts could dismantle the Paris agreement.

“We want to have the whole thing collapse and be found by future generations in the dustbin of history,” said Ebell, whose group is backed in part by the fossil fuel industry.

Since poor countries are counting on hundreds of billions of dollars in the Green Climate Fund to help them cut emissions and adapt to climate change, Ebell thinks the whole agreement will fall apart if the United States can’t contribute.

“I hope that we can somehow figure out how the 1994 law can be enforced and we can defund it now, which will, I believe, quickly cause the implosion of the Paris agreement,” he said.

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