Policy Experts Call On Trump To Abandon ‘Unconstitutional’ Paris Climate Treaty

The Daily Caller reports on a report by Chris Horner and Marlo Lewis on the costs imposed by the Paris Climate Treaty.

Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) senior fellows Chris Horner and Marlo Lewis published a paper Wednesday arguing President Barack Obama joined the Paris agreement in 2016 by ignoring the U.S. Constitution to make his climate policies immune to legal challenges.

“President Obama didn’t honor his constitutional responsibility to get advice and consent of the Senate,” Lewis told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Lewis said Obama should have submitted the Paris agreement to the Senate for approval. The Obama administration argued the Paris agreement did not need Senate approval because it was an extension of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which was ratified in the 1990s.

CEI wants Trump to ditch Paris, and the think tank has launched two ad campaigns urging the president to honor his campaign promise.

“If Trump wants to preserve his legacy, America can’t stay in an agreement that’s designed to bankrupt the fossil fuel industry,” Lewis said.

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