Polling Shows Slight Majority Support For Mileage Tax

The Washington Examiner cites CEI’s coalition letter in support of mileage-based user fees:

The VMT tax is an idea that has seized a broad and ideologically diverse group of policy advocates in Washington, D.C. Adie Tomer of the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program has endorsed it. And now, so has the more small government-oriented Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Earlier this month, CEI circulated the “Highway Coalition Letter in Support of Mileage-Based User Fees.” The open letter to Congress was signed by two former secretaries of the Department of Transportation and many taxpayer groups.

The letter concluded, “We urge you to prioritize protecting and strengthening the users-pay principle in the 2021 surface transportation reauthorization and support the development of a nationwide, interoperable road usage charge trial.”

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