Professors pushing RICO for climate skeptics have own problems with FOIA

Washington Times reports on the emails CEI and Chris Horner uncovered through their Freedom of Information Act requests, which reveal George Mason University professors' communciations about their investigation to prosecute climate skeptics. 

It turns out that the George Mason University professors calling for a federal racketeering probe into climate skepticism engaged in a little colluding of their own.

A 190-page cache of emails released on a judge’s order showed that two GMU professors hatched the attack on their political foes from their taxpayer-funded perches and then switched to private emails to avoid detection after being hit with a public records request.

The emails were unearthed following an eight-month court battle between the Virginia public university, which sought to protect the professors’ communications, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute and senior fellow Chris Horner, who filed the Virginia Freedom of Information Act requests.

“This victory puts on notice those academics who have increasingly inserted themselves into politics, that they cannot use taxpayer-funded positions to go after those who disagree with them and expect to hide it,” Mr. Horner said in a statement.

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