Professors who urged prosecution of climate skeptics appear to be hiding something speaks with Sam Kazman on their Freedom of Information Act lawsuit for documents from a GMU professor.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute wants answers from GMU by suing them for documents, according to their website, “regarding the involvement of Professor Ed Maibach in the RICO-20 campaign seeking prosecution of opponents of his view of climate policy.” GMU claims no such records exists, despite the fact that other universities have such records.

“It is quite ironic that the RICO signers would claim that climate skeptics are willingly deceiving the public in a vastly coordinated fashion. Because at the same time, they are unable to prove such deception with any sort of document,” said Sam Kazman, general counsel at CEI, in an interview with Watchdog. With the lawsuit, CEI expects to get a fairer shot at the Freedom of Information Act in order to get access to emails of the professors involved in the “RICO-20” affair.

But what about the solid science and consensus behind climate science?

“When one looks carefully at how the survey questions were formulated, one realizes that there is no near-universal consensus,” said Kazman.

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