Push To Ban Popular Pesticide Is Based On ‘Junk Science’

The Daily Caller cites Angela Logomasini’s report on the “junk science” behind the proposed Chlorpyrifos ban.

A group of Democratic senators are relying on “junk science” to pass a bill banning the popular pesticide chlorpyrifos, according to a Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) report released Thursday.

Seven other senators have joined the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Tom Udall of New Mexico, to push the Protect Children, Farmers and Farmworkers from Nerve Agent Pesticides Act of 2017. Udall introduced the bill after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rejected a petition to ban the pesticide, and a federal appeals court upheld the decision, according to Reuters.

“[EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt]’s decision [to allow the pesticide] is a repudiation of junk science — some funded by the EPA itself — that environmental activists have used to push unwarranted and counterproductive regulations,” CEI Senior Fellow Angela Logomasini says in her report “EPA Denial of Chlorpyrifos Ban Sets Pro-Science Precedent.”

“While the risks alleged about chlorpyrifos safety are speculative, its benefits are well proven. It helps farmers to produce an affordable and healthy food supply,” Logomasini said. “Pruitt’s action in denying the petition to effectively ban chlorpyrifos was clearly a defense of sound science, halting an activist – driven effort to use junk science in order to justify an unwarranted chemical ban.”

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