Regulations at ‘Lowest Count Since Records Began Being Kept in the Mid-1970s’

Reason covers year-end analyses of deregulation under President Trump.

As the economy and stock market continue to chug along nicely, many analysts and presidents are giving at least partial credit to the Trump administration’s aggressive regulatory reform efforts.

As the year closed out last week, the deregulators over at the Competitive Enterprise Institute took a look at the final page- and regulation-count in the 2017 Federal Register. This is what they found:

The calendar year concluded with 61,950 pages in the Federal Register […]

This is the lowest count since 1993’s 61,166 pages. That was Bill Clinton’s first year, and his own lowest-ever count.

A year ago, Obama set the all-time Federal Register page record with 95,894 pages.

Trump’s Federal Register is a 35 percent drop from Obama’s record, set last year.

Bush and Reagan had lower Federal Register page counts than Trump; but every president since has easily outstripped Trump. […]

[T]he Federal Register closed out with 3,281 final rules within its pages.

This is the lowest count since records began being kept in the mid-1970s.

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