Report Calls for Drastic Workforce Cuts at Regulatory Agencies

Federal Times covers CEI’s publication Shrinking Government Bureaucracy.

The non-profit Competitive Enterprise Institute is all about shrinking government. In a newly released report the group lays out a blueprint for reorganizing – i.e. dramatically reducing – the federal branch.

Shrinking Government Bureaucracy argues for “major, overdue reforms to the federal government’s sprawling regulatory bureaucracy.”

The scope of projected reductions encompasses, but is hardly limited to, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Communications Commission, Department of Commerce, Securities and Exchange Commission and the National Labor Relations Board.

“With respect to regulatory agencies, we have reached the point at which nearly any effort to streamline is an improvement,” the authors argue. “Given the scope of economic regulation in American life, even incremental improvements to the structure of government offer outsized benefits for liberty and growth.”

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