Report Details How Bloomberg, NYU Influence Environmental Policy At State Level

Legal News Line cited CEI’s Senior Fellow Christopher Horner’s “Law Enforcement for Rent” report.

A recent Competitive Enterprise Institute report says special interests, like New York University’s State Energy and Environmental Center, are pushing their agenda with these appointments, dubbed “law enforcement for rent.”


This has attracted criticism from some quarters, with claims this falls into at least a legal gray area and a “mercenary use” of law enforcement offices,” according to Christopher Horner, a fellow with the free market Competitive Enterprise Institute.

His report chronicles the history of, and connections between, private donors, including former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and law enforcement offices, which he argues is a “mercenary use” of the latter.

In his report, Horner states, “Led and funded by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, this scheme hires ‘Research Fellows,’ which it then places as activist  ‘Special Assistant Attorneys General.'”


“All of this has been documented by Chris Horner and CEI in the ‘report’ released last month targeting the State Impact Center and numerous other environmental non-profits,” Gray said.

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