Report: Federal Agencies Passed 39 New Regulations For Every One Law

Breitbart discusses Wayne Crews' report on the amount of  rules that federal agencies created for every one law that Congress passed in 2015. 

“In 2015, Congress passed ‘only’ 87 Public Laws before Obama’s Hawaii trip,” reports the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s (CEI) Wayne Crews. “Federal agencies and bureaus, however, were far more busy than Congress: agencies issued 3,408 rules and regulations in 2015, by my preliminary count.”

“At an earlier than usual January 12 State of the Union Address, observers anticipate the president pushing such items as nutrition labeling, e-cigaratte regulation, controls on investment advisors, more energy efficiency controls and closing Guantanamo,” predicts Crews, foreshadowing what he believes will happen during Obama’s final year in office.

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