Report: FERC nominee too much of a greenie for key energy post

William Yeatman, associate director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the report’s author, is concerned that Binz will use his position as FERC chairman to socialize the expensive cost of transmitting green energy produced by wind and solar hundreds of miles to high-demand energy grids.

“[A] key issue now before FERC is determining who will pay for the transmission lines to transport green energy from remote to urban areas,” the report says. “Under Binz, FERC can be expected to socialize these costs to the maximum extent, such that end-use consumers of renewable energy are subsidized by all ratepayers, even if they don’t actually benefit from the green energy.”

“Binz’s record as Colorado PUC chair makes it clear that he’s a green energy booster,” Yeatman said in a press release. “It’s no wonder why green energy special interests are orchestrating an unprecedented collaboration with Binz to advance his nomination.”