Report Maps U.S. Risks from Rising Seas in Warming World

From Andrew C. Revkin's post in The New York Times' Dot Earth Blog:

Gillis’s news story could wind up being criticized by some climate campaigners for giving voice to Myron Ebell, who works for the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute, which has long fought restrictions on greenhouse gases. But the piece is as much about coastal planning and policy as science, which widens the range of voices that are suitable. And Ebell’s input shows that there are plenty of things to agree on even as the fight over carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases plays out — in this case the utterly irrational, and persistent, federal incentives for building in harm’s way.

Here’s Ebell’s relevant quote:

If people want to build an expensive beach house on the Florida or Carolina coast, they should take their own risk and pay for their own insurance.

I couldn’t agree more.