Report: Obama admin winning the new regulations race

The Washington Examiner discusses Wayne Crew's report on the thousands of regulations that agencies pass each year.

Federal agencies enacted 16 regulations for every one law written by elected officials last year, a new report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute's Wayne Crews found.

While Congress passes just a few dozen bills each year, an unknown number of agencies push through thousands of regulations to create what Crews called "regulatory dark matter."

Crews noted that part of the problem comes from the fact that "no one can say with complete authority exactly how many federal agencies exist." Various lists place the number of agencies anywhere from a few dozen to more than 400, but there is no comprehensive list of government offices.

The number of executive orders enacted under Obama didn't far outweigh those put forward by his predecessors, Crews found. However, the nature of those orders mattered far more, Crews noted, and Obama's orders and executive "memoranda" greatly expanded the power of the government.

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