Republicans Giving the Boot to Obama’s Onerous Regulations

The Washington Times cited the Clyde Wayne Crews on the overextension of government regulation and the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s findings of the extreme cost of federal regulations to the American economy.

To provide some context, in 2016, Mr. Obama’s final year in office, his administration finalized 3,853 rules — the most in any single year since 2005.

An analysis by the Competitive Enterprise Institute found that Mr. Obama’s regulations were costing the economy more than $2 trillion a year. Just administering and enforcing the 2016 regulations alone cost taxpayers $63 billion.

As Clyde Crews, Jr. wrote in that report, “The federal government’s reach extends far beyond its taxes, deficits and borrowing. Federal environmental, safety and health and economic regulations affect the economy by hundreds of billions — even trillions — of dollars annually.”

This is the regulatory state that Mr. Trump inherited, and it was a mess.

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