Restaurant Industry Official: ‘Not Every Job Is There to Sustain a Family of Four’

CNS News reports on minimum wage as discussed by a CEI briefing on Capitol Hill, and includes a quote from Ryan Young. 

At a Feb. 9 panel discussion on Capitol Hill sponsored by the free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), National Restaurant Association Senior Vice President Alfonso Amador said, “There seems to be a perception that every job needs to be able to maintain a family of four. Not every job is there to sustain a family of four.”

CEI held the event to discuss “regulatory threats to flexible employment and worker freedom.” The National Restaurant Association is a trade association that advocates on behalf of the foodservice industry.

Ryan Young, a CEI fellow, argued against a January 2015 20-state raise in the minimum wage.

“Millions of workers are getting a raise, but those raises come at a cost. Other workers directly pay for those raises through reduced hours, firings, benefit cuts, and other harms. Those workers and would-be workers have few defenders,” Young wrote on the CEI’s website.

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