Ron Paul Fights For Bitcoin After Fed’s Payments System Threatens Crypto

The Crypto Report cites CEI senior fellow John Berlau regarding FedNow:

Ever the champion of individual liberty, it is no surprise that Ron Paul would be unnerved by Jerome Powell’s plans to extend his influence. As the current U.S. president attacks the Federal Reserve with a relentless barrage of tweets, Paul has a clear opportunity to leverage anti-Fed sentiment.

The “Campaign For Liberty” organization (of which Ron Paul is the chairman) released the following statement on the decision by Jerome Powell’s Fed to dive into the world of quick-pay:

“Consumers already have numerous options to make real-time payments, so the Federal Reserve’s decision to begin work on a central bank-run and controlled real payments system—what Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow John Berlau calls “FedNow”—is baffling.”

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