Sierra Club: The Big Problem With Environmentalism Is ‘Unsustainable Whiteness’

The Daily Caller discusses the environmentalism movement with Myron Ebell.

Some environmentalists think their movement needs to deal with its “unsustainable whiteness” problem, according to a blog post shared by the Sierra Club.

Grist blogger Nikhil Swaminathan claimed the environmental movement has “mostly run by well-off white people concerned about conserving critters and our country’s natural beauty, not the health and welfare,” in a post Tuesday. The Sierra Club’s official Twitter account later shared the blog with followers Wednesday afternoon.

But critics say such worries only show these groups care more about progressive politics than protecting the planet.

“The main problem facing the modern environmental movement is unsustainable rhetoric,” Myron Ebell, director of energy and environment at the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute and Donald Trump’s former EPA transition head, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“By making ever more outlandish claims and predictions about global warming, the movement has discredited itself,” Ebell said.

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