Some Politicians and Advocacy Groups Cautiously Praise DOJ’s AT&T Lawsuit

CNN cited Ryan Radia on the lack of impact a merger between the merger of AT&T-Time Warner and the merger being a vertical transaction which has no impact on competition.

When the Justice Department sued to block AT&T’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner, open-media advocacy groups and some politicians found themselves in an interesting position: Praising President Trump’s DOJ for tough antitrust enforcement while cautioning that they were still concerned there were politics at play in the decision.

Not everyone was pleased with the lawsuit. Some experts from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a conservative group, criticized it. CEI Research Fellow and Regulatory Counsel Ryan Radia called it “misguided.”

“The AT&T-Time Warner merger is a vertical transaction that wouldn’t reduce competition in any distinct market,” Radia wrote. “Under established antitrust principles, the government will have a difficult time showing a court that the deal is likely to harm consumers. And for an administration that’s touted its efforts to cut unnecessary regulation, seeking to block a potentially beneficial merger is inconsistent with letting American businesses thrive and innovate.”

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