State Department Memo Boosts Case to Stay in Paris Climate Pact

Bloomberg discusses the Paris Climate Treaty with Marlo Lewis and Chris Horner. 

Opponents of the agreement, including Marlo Lewis, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and Chris Horner, a senior legal fellow with the Energy and Environment Legal Institute, warn that if the U.S. stays in the deal, it would hand legal ammunition to environmentalists fighting to preserve climate regulations.

With anything short of a complete withdrawal, “domestic and foreign opponents of Trump’s energy policies and possibly activist courts can continue to invoke this ‘international commitment,’ and any future U.S. administration will have free rein to pick up where Obama left off,” Lewis and Horner wrote in an April 17 blog post.

Opponents also say that the U.S. would be reneging on a promise — and incur worldwide shame — for staying in the deal while simultaneously flouting its pledge.

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