Stop clearing thousands of acres to build solar panels: Harvard study

The College Fix cites CEI’s Paige Lambermont on a Harvard Study.

“For decades, solar power has been highly subsidized and its use even mandated in many states, yet none of that can overcome its inherent weaknesses,” Paige Lambermont, a research fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told The Fix via a media statement.

“Solar power works when the sun is shining, and then quickly stops producing as soon as the sun goes down. As a result, it is unreliable and only provides electricity on an intermittent basis,” she said. “Because of this, it poses issues for grid operators who need to quickly increase the production of other facilities to compensate for the solar facility’s sudden drop in production.”

“Policymakers should get rid of government meddling, such as the subsidies in [the Inflation Reduction Act],” Lambermont said.

“Reliable power is a policy choice. So is unreliable power.”

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