Study: Vaccine Passports May Soon be Obsolete

The Center Square cites CEI’s report by Senior Fellow Joel Zinberg on vaccine passports:

The Competitive Enterprise Institute released a new report stating that the U.S. is on the verge of herd immunity, making government-mandated vaccine passports obsolete even as lawmakers in states like New York and California have been eager to put them in place.

The study comes from Joel Zinberg, author and senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. He argues that herd immunity is on the horizon because of rising vaccinations, which would remove the need for widespread vaccine passports even as states consider mandating them.

“Given the number of people vaccinated, the pace of vaccinations, the now-ample supply of vaccine doses, and the number of people who have natural immunity because they had COVID-19 and are now recovered, we may soon reach herd immunity – roughly 70-75 percent of the population,” the study reads. “That would allow resumption of normal activities without continued, general precautions, thereby obviating the need for passports.”

Zinberg also cautioned against government-mandated vaccine passports, arguing that the private sector should lead the way.

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