The CEI Subpoena Cannot Stand

Simple Justice discusses the subpoena sent to CEI by an attorney general in attempts to silence the debate on climate change. 

It’s another one of those things that’s the “worst thing ever,” wrongthink on climate change. Granted, many, myself included, do not share their position, but that is not the issue. No matter what you feel, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a conservative libertarian think tank dedicated to free enterprise and limited government, is absolutely entitled to take the views that it does, to argue its views, and to be as wrong as it wants to be.

And for the offense of thinking wrong about climate change, CEI has become the target of a subpoena to reveal the culprits of its “worst thing ever” ideas.

Putting aside the absurd burdens of having to comply with such an overreaching subpoena, the purpose of this unilateral action by the U.S. Virgin Islands AG is clear: this subpoena is meant to threaten and intimidate CEI for advocating an idea that liberal politicians find wrong. The purpose is to silence thought, speech and disagreement.

But never by silencing critics, no matter how wrong you are certain they are. This subpoena cannot stand, no matter how strongly, how passionately, you disagree with CEI. There is a line that cannot be crossed, no matter what, and that line has been crossed. Prevail because your ideas are better than theirs, but not because government has the means to bludgeon ideas with which it, and you, disagree.

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