The Expanding State

Forbes highlights a statement from Wayne Crews on the expanding state. 

[President] Obama’s economic program fundamentally consists of fostering a compulsory “Declaration of Dependence” on the part of America’s wealth-creating sector. Washington is all about the institutionalization of the Government Steering While the Market Rows.

Despite bad economic news and Obama’s policy of talking about business like a dog, it’s only 2010, and America’s real wealth is yet to be created–if we correct course. However, if policymakers don’t confront regulation as well as spending, they are missing most of the story behind today’s expanding state.

Congressional reformers need to institute massive, unprecedented doses of economic liberalization. America requires massive deregulation in sectors like basic manufacturing, telecommunications, electricity, frontier science and energy — and the elimination of policymakers that stand in the way, regardless of party. We have to re-appreciate how it was that the U.S.–now only 235 years old–became richer than the rest of the world in a historical eye-blink, and how that remarkable achievement can be recaptured.

–Wayne Crews, Competitive Enterprise Institute,

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