The FDA’s policies would boost the black market and smoking-related deaths

Redlands Daily Facts cites CEI Senior Fellow Michelle Minton on menthol flavored cigarettes:

Beyond that specific controversy, the FDA has rejected millions of applications for vaping products in nontobacco flavors, including menthol. Yet its cost-benefit analysis of the proposed ban on menthol cigarettes assumes the availability of e-cigarette alternatives.

As Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow Michelle Minton points out, the FDA relies on a study in which “the substitution of high-risk combustible menthol cigarettes for lower-risk menthol-flavored nicotine vapor products … accounts for approximately half of the benefits.” How are menthol smokers supposed to make that switch if the FDA refuses to allow the sale of menthol-flavored e-cigarettes?

More generally, the FDA’s bias against flavor variety is hard to reconcile with its concession that vaping has great potential to reduce smoking-related disease and death. An arbitrary ban on the flavors that adult consumers demonstrably prefer will drive some people back to smoking and discourage current smokers from switching.

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