The Fix Crowdfunding Act Passes House & Heads to the Senate

Crowdfund Insider discusses bills to expand the JOBS Act with John Berlau. 

John Berlau, a Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, described the two bills as making “modest but significant expansions” of the JOBS Act.

“These changes will make it easier for entrepreneurs with small but high-quality companies to raise capital through equity crowdfunding. They will also give middle-class investors more opportunities to build wealth with promising startups.”

Berlau noted that it was disappointing that some provisions were dropped, but the rapid approval of the bill was a “refreshing reminder that both parties can sometimes still come together to address the burdens of over-regulation”;

“The JOBS Act is one of the greatest bipartisan accomplishments of both President Obama and GOP members of Congress. This legislation will greatly help burnish that legacy,” said Berlau.

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