The Grass Grows Greener

The Washington Times cites CEI’s annual Julian L. Simon Dinner:

The much esteemed Competitive Enterprise Institute is a nonpartisan education and research organization in the nation’s capital that pushes back on government-created barriers to freedom, innovation and prosperity. It is also an organization that knows how to party when the time is right.

And party they will on Thursday in a swank and art-filled site not all that far from the White House.

“With the return of 1970s politics — staggering inflation, gas shortages, and cultural upheaval — the Competitive Enterprise Institute is hosting an era-appropriate bash,” the organizers say.

That would be their “Stayin’ Alive: Disco Night at the Museum” party.

Yes, it’s a disco-themed gathering, complete with sumptuous menu, disco ball decor and a hustle dance lesson from professional instructors. Yes, that’s hustle, as in the hustle, dance of yore. Guests have been encouraged to wear “themed” attired, or at least their cocktail best for an event which will feature a bubble bar, gelee shots and a menu that includes pan-seared beef and an array of classic cakes from the era — this according to a source who will attend the party in full regalia.

But wait. The annual event’s formal name is the “Julian L. Simon Memorial Award Dinner 2022,” which will indeed honor Balaji Srinivasan, investor and technology entrepreneur. Tim Hartford — “The Undercover Economist” and BBC broadcaster — is the keynote speaker for the big doings — while National Review senior writer Charles C.W. Cooke is master of ceremonies.

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