The Light Fantastic

Go ahead. Turn on the lights, throw a margarita in the blender or dance around while an industrial-sized sound system plays ‘80s music. So say the sages at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which is once again celebrating the “Human Achievement Hour,” an annual celebration of human progress and advancements in technology, medicine, energy and much, much more.

The organization developed the designated hour to counter the World Wide Fund for Nature’s “Earth Hour.” Yes, everyone is instructed to turn off their lights and renounce the environmental impacts of modern technology, for 60 minutes, anyway.

“Observing Human Achievement Hour is about paying tribute to the human innovations that have allowed people around the globe to live better, fuller lives, while also defending the basic human right to use energy to improve the quality of life of all people,” says William Yeatman, a senior fellow with the group.

The big moment is Saturday, from 8:30-9:30 p.m., in whatever time zone one happens to be in. Shower, shop, have a cold beer, or simply keep the lights blazing — and of course tweet away about it at @ceidotorg, using the hashtag #HAH2014.