The Race Is On for Slice of Lucrative US Gambling Pie

The Daily Mail cited Michelle Minton on the conditions which observers ought expect will rise across different states concerning the management and taxation of online sports betting following the recent withdrawal of a ban on such entertainment by the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court left open the possibility for Congress to regulate sports gambling directly but experts said individual states are likely to move faster on the question than Washington.

“It’s possible that members of Congress will try to introduce legislation to deal with the aftermath of this decision,” said Michelle Minton, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

“I don’t expect that they’re going to get very far,” Minton said, adding that she expects a “bunch of states” to legalize betting in the next few months.

“They’re going to experiment,” she said. “They’re going to try different tax rates, different levels of product availability, online and offline.

“And over the years, they’ll figure out what works best for them, what’s the most profitable.”

Minton noted that New Jersey, home to Atlantic City, the largest US gambling hub after Las Vegas, has been “thinking about this longer than I think any other state has except for maybe Nevada.”

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