The Russians Are Meddling In Our Politics – And Michael Bloomberg Is Helping Them

Washington Examiner cited CEI’s Senior Fellow Chris Horner on environmental SAAG scheam.

Then there is the work of Michael Bloomberg. Money from Bloomberg has been flowing into a non-profit group, which then places people in the offices of state attorneys general to do Bloomberg’s bidding on the ever-evolving, ever-changing science of climate change – namely suing companies, using the law enforcement powers of the attorneys general offices. This devious scheme was unearthed by Christopher C. Horner, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, who wrote: 

“Privately funded “special assistant attorneys general” (SAAGs) are presently working in at least six jurisdictions, under agreements that they focus on matters of importance to the billionaire donor paying their salary and benefits and regularly report back on their activities.”

The donor is Michael Bloomberg, and his interest is “climate change.”

This is the equivalent of activists hijacking, or at least renting out, our law enforcement system.

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