The Truth About GMOs

One News Now discusses concerns about Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds and pesticides with Angela Logomasini. 

This month, a tribunal brought together by a rights group that aims to highlight what it claims are abuses by the U.S. seed company Monsanto delivered an advisory opinion alleging that the company “engaged in practices which have negatively impacted” people’s rights to a healthy environment, food, and good health.

“I think it’s a really cleverly prepared media stunt,” responds Angela Logomasini, a senior fellow specializing in environmental risk and regulation for the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “I don’t think it’s based in science.”

“This is an activist-organized conference that they’re calling a tribunal because they had some judges there, and they’re trying to allege some things that they have no evidence for,” she says. “In fact, I’d argue that creating these seeds is what we need to feed people, and what they’re doing is actually more of a crime than what they’re accusing Monsanto of doing.”

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