The Unconstitutionality Index: 3,408 New Federal Regulations, 87 Laws

The Washington Times discusses Clyde Wayne Crews’ recent report on the alarming growth of regulations.  

The nation continues to be a playground for government overreach. Behold the telling numbers, courtesy of Clyde Wayne Crews, vice president for policy for the ever-vigilant Competitive Enterprise Institute. While lawmakers struggle with cranky gridlock, federal agencies are only too happy to issue regulations at alarming rates.

“Federal agencies and bureaus, however, were far more busy than Congress: Agencies issued 3,408 rules and regulations in 2015, by my preliminary count. The National Archives will prepare a final tally within a couple months. In terms of just raw flow, that’s 39 rules and regulations for every law. I like to call that multiple ‘The Unconstitutionality Index,’” Mr. Crews observes. Find his research at

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