This Declaration of Internet Freedom Is Vague

From Rebecca Greenfield's article in The Atlantic:

We're not the only ones to find this declaration too simple. As a direct response, TechFreedom and the Competitive Enterprise Institute have created their own Declaration of Internet Freedom. "We’re not convinced Internet policymaking can be effectively guided by something as short as the 'Declaration of Internet Freedom' issued by Free Press and other groups," explains the site. "Rather than enshrining particular consumer preferences, like ‘universal access,’ we focus on core principles like humility and respect for the rule of law. Our vision emphasizes what truly matters to Internet policymaking today: the process of technological evolution, not the end result," adds Ryan Radia, associate director of the Center for Technology & Innovation at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, in a TechFreedom post. Some of it provides more direct solutions. Like the piracy bullet has actual prescriptions.