Trump and next Congress could quickly erase scores of major regulations

Science Magazine speaks with Clyde Wayne Crews on recent significant rules that Congress should consider repealing. 

One conservative analyst, Clyde Wayne Crews Jr. of the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., has identified a long list of recent significant rules that he says Congress should consider repealing. But he says that many more rules that agencies haven’t deemed significant should also get a skeptical look from lawmakers. Overall, some 1,400 regulations appear to fall into the CRA window, although many deal with relatively non-controversial topics, such as importing avocados from Mexico.

The CRA will also apply to any rules that the Obama administration may issue later this year, including a plan to revise rules for protecting human research subjects that has drawn opposition from some scientists. In some cases, the administration might decide against issuing a final rule, in order to prevent the next Congress from closing the door to similar regulations in a future administration. Even that strategy could fail, however, if a Trump administration decides to finalize a leftover rule – and then invite the Republican Congress to reject it.

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